At Palazzo Belfiore, discover authentic Florence with customized itineraries. These hand-picked experiences let you immerse yourself in the local culture through visiting artisans’ workshops and local farms, eating at traditional restaurants or learning from wine and olive oil producers, or through making and seeing history for yourself with an expert tour or an engaging, hands-on painting or drawing workshop. Learn to prepare some of the most delicious genuine Tuscan dishes during a cooking class with a professional chef. Pick up the local lingo in fun and creative ways so you can soon feel part of daily life in Florence, even if just for a few days or a short time.

Staying at Palazzo Belfiore is more than a vacation; it’s your home away from home packed with life and learning.



Spring Summer 2018


  • Cheese Tasting And Tuscan Farm Tour
  • Wine And Olive Oil Tasting
  • Impruneta Terracotta
  • Factory Tour
  • Inspiring Art Workshops
  • Creative Activities For Children
  • Cooking Lessons In Florence
  • Yoga/Pilates Classes
  • Fitness / Wellness
  • Chianti Tours


We are very excited to announce a new Palazzo Belfiore Experience, collaborating with Florence Urban Adventureswhere you can enjoy various tours showing you some of the best places where (and what) the Florentines eat, drink and go shopping. Choose from the Florence Foodie Tour, Markets & Deli tour or the Aperitivo tour. We were fortunate to join the Foodie Tour and also the Market & Deli tour last week and highly recommend these informative tours that will make you feel like a local! Here are some photos from the tours below….




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